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2020 Trade Shows and Events

Winter Equipment Events Blog

We may be coming to a trade show* near you! Check out some of our scheduled appearances in 2020.

*Many of the listed events may be considered invite-only. Visit the host sites for more information.

2/5-2/6: Wisconsin Construction Municipal & Landscape Expo in West Allis, WI

2-5-2/8: Ohio Township Association Annual Winter Conference in Columbus, OH

3/3-3/4: Michigan Green Industry Association Landscape Show in Novi, MI

3/10-3/12: Michigan County Road Association Highway Conference & Road Show in Lansing, MI

4/19-4/22: American Public Works Association North American Snow Conference in Cleveland, OH - CANCELED

8/25-8/28: SIMA Snow & Ice Symposium in Hartford, CT

8/30-9/2: American Public Works Association Public Works Expo in New Orleans, LA

9/28-9/30: Washington Road & Street Conference in Yakima, WA

9/2020: Michigan Snow Conference & Expo in Novi, MI

9/16-9/17: New England Public Works Expo in Boxborough, MA

9/2020: Southeast Equipment Operator's Roadeo in New Orleans, LA

9/23-9/25: American Public Works Association Western Snow & Ice Conference in Loveland, CO

10/21-10/23: Green Industry Expo in Louisville, KY

10/2020: New York State Highway & Public Works Expo in Syracuse, NY

11/20 - 11/22: Idaho Association of Highway Districts and Idaho Association of County Engineers and Road Supervisors Local Transportation Convention in Boise, ID

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