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Doubling Up on Blades to Extend Their Life? Yikes!

Wear life is a huge priority during the winter months for plow blades. Having longer wear life means less blade changes in sub zero weather in the middle of a job, lower overall replacement costs, and reduces safety concerns. 

As you can see from the photo we received below, We have customers who come to us often asking if it's okay to double up on blades to try to make them last longer.


Are you trying to maximize blade life by attaching additional low bid blades to your plow?  Though initially, this may seem like a good solution, there are some inherent concerns you should consider. 

In order to attach the extra blades, you will need a longer bolt. This causes vibration and creates sheering force which causes the bolt to sheer. You could have bolt breakage mid-job! Not only does this mean extra materials, and increased downtime, but it’s really unsafe. Depending on the conditions and what you are plowing and the angles, someone could get seriously injured. 

Instead, invest in better blades at the onset. Though it’s more upfront cost, it will more then pay off throughout the season both on the financial side and especially on the safety side.

Here are five tips to extend your blade life safely without doubling (or worse, tripling) up.

  1. Always use grade 8 or higher, hardware! And check and tighten nuts and bolts often.
  2. Flip your blades throughout the season.
  3. Don’t back drag.
  4. Avoid down pressure when possible.
  5. Make sure your blades are installed correctly. 

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