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Best Gravel Road Milling Tools to Clear Snow and Ice

Winter Equipment offers a complete lineup of gravel road maintenance products that help keep roads even, safe, and maintained after harsh winters. We offer carbide-tipped milling tools, grader blades, scarifier boards, scarifier teeth and more! Explore our array of road grading equipment to understand the Winter Equipment difference, and learn which tools you should use for your job.

Carbide-Tipped Milling Tools Reduce Replacement Costs and Downtime

Winter's milling tools deliver up to 300% longer tool life with a unique design that reduces breakage and uneven wear. They are uniquely engineered to reduce the need for replacement due to breakage or uneven wear. They increase production by wearing evenly and maintaining their shape and sharpness, which reduces vibration and wear on machinery. From strong carbide tips to specialized welding techniques, Winter milling tools will cut costs and eliminate unnecessary downtime during gravel road maintenance projects. Options include:

  • Part# MT50116 - This tool has our largest carbide tip, which is ideal for hard rock and gravel conditions. It's high penetration design is available in a wedding band clip or sleeve.
  • Part# MT10700 - This specialty milling tool is used for asphalt and low horsepower milling. It's a reclaiming tool that commonly patches potholes.
  • Part #MT10106 -This economy milling tool is keyed, spins freely, and serves multiple purposes. It wears more evenly than the stationary MT10105.
  • Part #MT10105 - This is a standard, stationary milling tool for multipurpose applications.

Gravel Road Maintenance Systems Offer Extended Wear

Winter Equipment offers three styles of scarifier boards, that are hardened for extended wear life. Their one-piece design allows for back-dragging and provides an advantage over competitive boards that have weld-on holders that can break away from the board, requiring replacement:

  • The System 2000 is engineered for motor graders. It offers 1-1 1/2" tool spacing for a finer grade, and works with MT10105 and MT10106.
  • The System 2500 is the same as the System 2000, but with a beveled design for any underbody plow.
  • The System 2100 is engineered to fit any motor grader plow. The board design has 1-3/4" center-to-center spacing for heavy-duty tools, and is available in 3' to 4' lengths.  They work with MT50116.

Perforated Grader Blades for Quick, Easy Gravel Road Maintenance

Winter Equipment's top-rated Perforated Grader Cutting Edge is an innovative grader blade for gravel road maintenance. Its unique design helps operators grade gravel roads with ease, breaking up hardpack on top of the soil. Operators prefer using Winter's Perforated Grader Cutting Edge because it works quicker and is easier to use than milling tools and other road grading equipment.

The Blade Runner is the Ultimate Underbody Cutting Edge

The Winter Blade Runner is a blunt underbody cutting edge for excellent performance and wear life. They remove snow from gravel roads without disrupting the aggregate below. Choose Winter's Blade Runner to easily remove snow without damaging the road below.

Use Winter Scarifier Teeth for Elite Strength and Performance

Increase wear life up to 3x longer with Winter scarifier teeth. Our Winter Carbide Matrix® welding process and hardface technology provides superior performance and longer wear life to withstand severe conditions and abrasive impacts. Options include:

  • BT-101: Universal Steel Shank Mount to fit all models.
  • BT-6Y5230: CAT® Style Carbide Scarifier Teeth with Cast Steel
  • BT-6Y5230CI: CAT® Style Carbide Scarifier Teeth with Winter Carbide Matrix®
  • BT-31281C: Galion® Style Carbide Scarifier Teeth with Cast Steel
  • BT-31281CCI: Galion® Style Carbide Scarifier Teeth with Winter Carbide Matrix®

Request a Quote for Milling Tools, Grader Blades and More

Please contact us to learn more about which gravel road maintenance tools would be best for your equipment or application. Our knowledgeable team would be happy to help address your road grading equipment needs.

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