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Spring Road Maintenance

This entry was posted on July 14, 2016 by admin

Are your roads ready for summer? Accumulated snow and ice, the thaw spring brings on and seasonal rains can cause problems for our roads. As we recover from the winter, here are some maintenance items on your roads that may need repair:

Sign damage.

Sign Damage - Road Maintenance

Check for signs damaged during the winter by vehicle accidents and snowplowing operations. Repair or replace signs and signposts that are missing, broken, or bent.

Guardrail damage.

Guardrail Damage - Road Maintenance

Repair or replace guardrails that fell victim to winter driving and plowing operations.

Faded pavement markings.

Faded Pavement - Road Maintenance

Check for markings that need repainting and schedule the job when the weather improves.


Pothole - Road Maintenance

Make temporary patching repairs as soon as possible and plan for permanent repairs.

With all the wear and tear our roads and highways take, get ahead not only for summer, but for next winter! 

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