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Not All Motor Graders Are Created Equal

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Many contractors are utilizing motor graders to improve the surface of well pads. This highly abrasive stabilized surface causes excessive wear on regular steel grader blades.

The Winter® Equipment RoadMaxx™ Grader Blade, is engineered with a much harder surface cutting edge system, making it an excellent answer for this application.

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Designed to increase blade life by as much as 300% to 400%, the RoadMaxx™ Grader Blade features hard carbide inserts along the complete bottom cutting edge.

These inserts are protected with a proprietary carbide weld, with hard face banding that resists wear and extends the life of the blade. 

The RoadMaxx™ Grader Blade is designed to last 300% to 400% longer than a standard steel blade. Also, it will stay straight longer due to the lower erosion of the blade surface, ideal for road maintenance.

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