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Trip Edge Repair Prevention 101

This entry was posted on February 26, 2018 by Jordan Killam

trip edge repairA trip edge is a mechanism that allows the plow to “trip” or tip when it encounters a road obstruction, so it can glide over without getting damaged.

Trip edge wear can occur when a snowplow is driven too fast over areas of the road with obstructions (like potholes or manhole covers). The problem usually presents itself in the form of broken blades, moldboard damage or heavy impact to the front of the plow.

Unfortunately, trip edge repair is often a necessary evil for anyone who operates a snowplow. In this post, we’ll explore prevention-based solutions to this problem.

Solution #1 – Use Sectional or Full Trip Plows

Purchasing and using a sectional plow allows the moldboard to trip in different sections as it makes contact with road obstructions. With a full trip, the plow trips all at once. Trip edges will engage with anything solid encountered on the roads, especially anything immovable. When using a full trip, the whole moldboard will trip, taking pressure off the plow and allowing for longer wear.


Solution #2 – Invest in Impact-Resistant Blades

These incredibly durable blades protect against breakage due to hitting road obstructions like curbs or control joints.


Solution #3 – Engage in Driver Training

All snowplow drivers should be informed about how road obstructions can affect their equipment. Drivers should be cautioned against driving too fast or operating with outdated equipment, which can reduce the quality of snow and ice removal as well as damage the cutting edge.

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This entry was posted in trip edge, repair, prevention, snowplow blade, road, parts, damages on February 26, 2018 by Jordan Killam

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