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How Winter's Wear Factor Ratings Guarantee Your Satisfaction

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Low Risk, High Reward: This is the Winter Way

We've built a rock-solid reputation at Winter® Equipment by offering outstanding, trustworthy products for over three decades. We feel so strongly about our quality standards that we developed our WearFactor rating formula, a detailed process of data study and analysis that formulates a rating for each product, so you can easily understand what to expect from our products in terms of quality and longevity. 

Nationwide Data Collection

To begin our WearFactor rating process, our snow and ice equipment analysts gather detailed data reports and insight from all across North America. Our expert team surveys experienced contractors, managers, drivers, and foremen from all over the continent including the snowy New England coasts, blustery Midwestern cities, icy Canadian territories, and isolated areas of the Pacific Northwest. The team collects data from all sorts of different climates and conditions, areas with differing road types and teams with unique skill-sets and processes to gather an all-encompassing collection of data to understand how our products perform in any given circumstance.

Survey and Analysis

Our detailed team carefully compiles all of the information that they gathered to formulate a WearFactor rating for each of our products. Winter® Equipment is proud to be the only company in the snow and ice equipment industry to provide a WearFactor product rating, so our clients can quickly and easily understand how our products will perform when compared to similar, low bid products.

Winter® Satisfaction Guarantee

Our WearFactor product rating system allows us to guarantee our customers' satisfaction because our expert team puts in the research and legwork to prove our outstanding quality and value. Simply put, our strong customer guarantee reverses your risk and places it squarely on our shoulders. Because of the Winter® Satisfaction Guarantee, you can't lose!

Discover our Full Product Comparison Chart

Now, check out a comprehensive Comparison Chart to see how our products and our competitors' products stack up in terms of features, attributes, WearFactor, lbs. of carbide, and much more. Click Here for More.

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