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What is a Snowplow Attack Angle?

This entry was posted on January 19, 2018 by Jordan Killam


What is a snowplow attack angle? This is the angle at which the snowplow blade hits the ground. The correct angle can positively influence snow and ice removal. It will also allow your blades, guards, and shoes to hit the ground correctly and will result in higher performance and longer blade wear life.

Some snowplows have features that include adjustable attack angles. Each one can be used under different conditions for best results.

Attack Angle Suitable Use
  • Plowing unpaved gravel surfaces
  • Scooping up heavy snow
  • Multiple surfaces and conditions
  • Plowing paved surfaces or asphalt
  • Scraping up hard-packed snow or ice


To learn more about which attack angles to use in specific weather conditions as well as superior product pairings, contact the sales team at Winter® Equipment today at or by phone 800.294.6837!

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This entry was posted in snowplow, attack angle, Informative on January 19, 2018 by Jordan Killam

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